National Trademark Process

Trademark processing lasts approximately 8-12 months and is divided into 4 actions. To begin, it is necessary to do a official background search , once the results have been researched and analyzed, we will know the feasibility of registering them. Once the feasibility has been determined, we will proceed with the introduction of the process by means of the request to the trademark registration office.

publication by bulletin as a Requested Mark, which comprises 3 stages: Notification by Official Gazette: Order to Publish; Publication by National Press; Request Published in Official Gazette.

Lastly, in the absence of any comments from third parties, neither denial by the trademark registration office orders the granting of the trademark with the corresponding Order of Final Fees in a period of no more than 30 business days, once canceled the mark is granted for 15 years. (Renewable).

Note : No action is taken if there are oppositions to the mark. The lapses for the registration are approximate and could vary in case there are oppositions or observations or some other event outside our management.